ONexpense Cloud Azure 3.8.1 – released on April, 2019

Latest features and few hot-fix

Manager feature:

  • New: Enable the feature to refuse an accepted expense

Custom fields:

  • New: Able to fill-up a field all time
  • New: Able to define a list within a custom field

 PDF export:

  • Fixed : Able to export  PDF format with the Premium licence not only with PRO and Enterprise

ONexpense Cloud Azure 3.8.0 – released on March, 2019

This is a hot-fix that fixes a few small bugs and add new features.

Access rights:

  • New:Managers can now read expense reports and expenses of their employees.
  • New:Company directors and accountants can now read expense reports and expenses of company employees.
  • New: Managers can now export the format of their choice the expense reports of their collaborator.
  • New:The directors and accountants of the company can now export the expense reports of the company’s employees to the format of their choice.

Custom fields:

  • Fixed: The export bug to Excel when two fields have the same name. Be careful if two fields have the same name, only one of the two values ​​will be exported.
  • New: Ability to assign a custom field to any type of proof thanks to the new option « Any type of receipt »

Accounting Exports:

  • Fixed: Correction of the posting of expense reports in accounting exporters


  • New: Added the choice of the currency on each receipt. The choice of a different currency from the reference one leads to the recovery and application of the most recent conversion rate of the European Central Bank. The choice keeps the possibility to change this rate.
  • New: Daily update of the conversion rates.


  • Update: The kilometer declaration now includes a coefficient to calculate the amount to be repaid.
  • New: If the user has never entered a coefficient, the first coefficient entered will be used by default for each new kilometer charge.
  • New: The default value of the kilometric coefficient used for a user can be set in his « My parameters » section

ONexpense Cloud Azure 3.7.0 – released on December 09th, 2018

Accounting export feature

  • New: capability to create accounting exports
  • New: generate an Excel file with the summary of payments to do to your employees
  • New: generation an Excel file with the details of all receipts done by your employees.
  • New: the number of expenses per page in your expenses list is now saved

ONexpense Cloud Azure 3.6.1 – released on October 11th, 2018
This is a hotfix that fixes a few small bugs.

  • New: new version of android and iOS
  • Fixed: mileage feature correction
  • Fixed: a bug in some case to delete the account.
  • Fixed: a crash with the receipt already in analyzed stage, bad return state.
  • Improved: the performance for downloading and upload receipts with the web site and also with the mobile, this improved performance is a real advance features in order to take quickly a photo and sent them over the net. In any case we need to be covered with a 4G network mobile

ONexpense Cloud Azure 3.6 – released on September 5th, 2018
This a real advanced release for all features.

  • Improved: Design is more powerful and smoother
  • Changed: The new version of internal stuff is more scalable, easier to improve with the next upcoming features during the 2019
  • Changed: reduce some features due to the lowest impact of the user experience, like the swipe function for the mobile is more easy now , just one way
  • New:  Workflow is now a nice easy to sue feature, just move your peers to the appropriate level. The usage is a real awesome.
  • New positioning: provide several market shares, Basic, Premium, PRO TPE/PME, Enterprise
  • New Effect: the transition btw screen is more accurate
  • New: Error is more appropriate within the context of the page.

ONexpense Cloud Azure 3.0 – released on May 14th, 2017

  • Improved: Migration from old version to angular 6.0
  • Improved: Same stuff for Cloud Azure.

ONexpense Cloud Azure 2.0 – released on May 14th, 2016
This hotfix corrects a bug that was introduced for the new software migration

  • Fixed unable to connect!!
  • Fixed lose ticket at the display, due to asynchronous trap
  • Fixed bad recognition type of ticket
  • Fixed bad computation total amount
  • Crash delay of uploading in some case crash appears
  • Fixed account never fill-up with the right ACL
  • Fixed Missing value in excel sheet
  • Fixed Missing value in csv too